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Industry: Nordic Rough Cuts with Nordisk Panorama

DocPoint is excited to present this session in collaboration with Nordisk Panorama. Three Nordic documentary film projects are at a rough-cut stage and allow us to take a peek into their editing room. This is a unique chance for creative documentaries seeking specific feedback and advice on their most up-to-date rough cut and a generous opportunity for the audience to tag along during the editing process.

A panel of three industry professionals and experienced editors will give live feedback and constructive suggestions about how to solve the issues. Each project will present approximately 20 minutes of visuals and will identify some issues/challenges/problems they have with the narrative in their material.

The selected projects are:
Can’t Feel Nothing by David Borenstein, producer Jesper Jack / House of Real (Denmark)
Máhccan – Homecoming by Suvi West, producer Janne Niskala / Vaski Filmi OY (Finland)
Before the Storm by Juan Palacios & Sofie Husum Johannesen, producer Kasper Schultz (Denmark)

The Panelists are:
Iikka Vehkalahti
Anne Fabini
Matti Näränen

The session is for Industry professionals and requires accreditation. You can apply for the Industry accreditation from Jan 9 to Jan 25.

Torstai 2.2.2023 klo 10.00 Pohjoismainen kulttuuripiste
Kieli: englanti
Pituus: 3 h