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Industry: Meet the Festivals

Tämä tapahtuma on osa DocPointin Industry-ohjelmaa. Sisäänpääsy vain Industry-, Guest- tai Member-passilla festivaalille akkreditoituneille ammattilaisille.

In this discussion, the festival pros will let you in on their future plans. Representatives of Docs Ireland, Cork FF, Thessaloniki DocFest, and MIDBO tell all you need to know on how to get your film to their festivals. Come and learn how festivals help creative documentaries flourish. The discussion is moderated by DocPoint’s Head of Programming, Inka Achté.

Stuart Sloan is the head programmer and one of the founders of Docs Ireland. Rohan Berry Crickmar has over ten years of experience as a programmer in several international film festivals, such as Africa in Motion, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Cork International Film Festival and FIPADOC. Angeliki Petrou is the International Programme Coordinator of the Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival. Maria Luna Rassa is the artistic director of the International Documentary Exhibition of Bogota (MIDBO).

Kiasma-teatteri ke 31.1. klo 10:30–11:30
Kieli: englanti
Pituus: 1 h