DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival takes place annually in January in Helsinki, Finland.

Founded in 2001, DocPoint is one of the largest documentary festivals in the Nordic countries. In Finland, it is the only festival solely dedicated to nonfiction films. Once a year it brings more than a hundred of the best and most talked-about creative documentary films from all over the world and Finland to the screens of Helsinki.

The films in DocPoint’s international selections are Finnish premieres. They range from festival hits to experimental gems for smaller audiences. DocPoint has no open call for international films, the selection is curated by the Head of Programming and by invitation only. Information on domestic submissions will be posted annually on the festival’s website.

DocPoint aims to broaden the understanding of its audiences as to what’s happening in the world, to discuss and engage with the state of humanity and the environment – and to feature the varied ways of telling stories and interpreting the world through nonfiction filmmaking.

DocPoint supports equality and diversity, and aims to evolve into an ecologically sustainable film festival. DocPoint wishes to generate ideas, bring forth discussion and create communality, in the form of film screenings, panel discussions and industry events.

DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival is organized by DocPoint-elokuvatapahtumat association.