We are no longer seeking volunteers for the 2024 festival. Thank you for all the applications!


As a volunteer at DocPoint, you get to enjoy some great volunteer benefits. Every volunteer is required to complete four 5–7 hour shifts, depending on the tasks. For four volunteer shifts, you will receive the following benefits:

Staff Pass – With a Staff Pass, you can attend festival screenings free of charge, as long as the screening isn’t sold out

Festival shirt and tote bag

Food and/or beverage vouchers depending on the length of the shifts

Invitation to the festival afterparty

Volunteer certificate 

We will notify all applicants of the offered volunteer task via email. We will also organize general volunteer info around mid-January. Every team will be given a briefing on their tasks either before the festival or at the beginning of the first shift.

All information regarding volunteering at DocPoint will be shared via email, so make sure to check your email frequently!


We offer various volunteer tasks from ticket sales and cinema staff to photography. You can sign up for a task that best suits your interests!

Info – DocPoint’s info desk is located at the festival center, Kinopalatsi. The info team assists the festival customers and accredited guests throughout the festival. Tasks include guiding the customers and handling different matters. The info team is a great choice for those who enjoy customer service and versatile volunteer tasks. This task requires fluent Finnish skills.

Ticket sales – Ticket sales is one of the more responsible volunteer tasks. Therefore, every ticket sales personnel will receive five complimentary tickets to screenings. In this role, the volunteers will mainly work independently, but the ticket sales coordinator will always be there to help! We offer volunteer shifts both before and during the festival. The whole team will receive a separate training around mid-January for the tasks and how to use the payment equipment. If you have previous experience in customer service or using the Eventio ticketing system, make sure to mention them in your application. This task requires fluent Finnish skills.

Usher – Ushers play an important role in taking care of the festival atmosphere at the cinemas. Tasks include inspecting the tickets, cleaning up the cinema halls, opening the screenings and helping out the customers. The tasks are versatile, so this team is suitable for everyone!

Supervisor  – Supervisors lead the ushers, coordinate the team’s tasks during each shift and make sure everything is running smoothly. This is an independent role and therefore we require previous experience from similar tasks and fluent Finnish skills. Supervisors will also receive five free tickets to screenings and extra benefits for the festival pass.

Distribution – The distribution team takes care of distributing the festival programme leaflets and posters around the capital area. The shifts begin on January 11 and continue all the way to the beginning of the festival. In this team, the volunteers will be working independently or in pairs. The distribution team is the perfect choice for those who would like to have flexibility in the volunteer shifts and focus on enjoying the films during the festival days. The volunteers operate the distribution route either by car or by foot. 

Power team – Power team helps other volunteer teams whenever there is a need. The team will be given a briefing on their tasks at the beginning of each shift. The tasks can include helping out at the office or covering for cinema staff. In this team, each volunteer shift is different! Power team is a great option for those who would like to have a versatile volunteer task and get to know different areas of festival production.

Social media  – The social media team shares the best bits of the festival in DocPoint’s own social media channels (mostly Instagram Stories and Reels). If you have an eye for visuals and enjoy creating content, this task is perfect for you! Remember to add links to your social media platforms on your application, especially Instagram. This task requires fluent Finnish skills. 

Translators – Translators are a part of the communications team. They write translations of press releases and perform other translating duties. There are translator tasks available in December and January before the festival. We offer complimentary tickets for translations. This task requires fluent Finnish skills and experience of similar tasks. The translation work is done from Finnish to English.

Photography – We also need talented photographers to capture the festival atmosphere of DocPoint. For this task, you will need your own DSLR camera and editing software. Remember to add a link to your portfolio on your application. The photographers will also receive five free tickets to screenings.

Event team – DocPoint organizes different side events, such as panels and seminars, throughout the festival week. The event team helps out DocPoint’s staff with organizing and carrying out these events. The tasks may include helping out the customers and other current matters. If you are interested in diving deeper into event production, join the event team!

DOKKINO – DOKKINO is an annual national documentary tour for children and youth. The tour kicks off during DocPoint. We are looking for cinema staff to help out with the screenings between January 30 and February 2, 2024. If you like children and wish to volunteer during daytime, this team is perfect for you. This task requires fluent Finnish skills, Swedish skills are a plus. 

Security steward Security stewards supervise the screenings in the cinemas and help out festival customers when needed. The shifts take place during the opening hours of the cinemas. This task requires fluent Finnish skills and a security steward license. 

Hosts – We want to offer our international guests support during their visit. The host’s task is to ensure that the guest feels welcome and receives practical help if necessary. Working as a host requires experience in similar tasks.