Terms of sale 

Serial card, 6 tickets 50 €

Serial card, 10 tickets 80 €

Cine Concert South 21,50 €

Two Phone Calls: basic ticket 32 €

Two Phone Calls: student ticket 18 €

In the online shop, a handling fee of 0,80 € is charged per purchase. The handling fee does not apply to tickets to the Cine Concert South.

DocPoint actively follows regulations and guidelines from the authorities. We reserve the right to make the necessary changes to events to ensure the safety in the events and require customers to follow the instructions given. If there are any changes to the events, we will contact our customers by email.

Ticket refunds 

In case of illness or symptoms of illness, you can request a refund of your screening ticket. The refund must be requested no later than one hour before the start of the screening. Please send the refund request to tickets@docpoint.fi.

The service fee of 0.80 € per online store purchase is non-refundable.

We will handle all refund requests within 7 days.

A ticket claimed with a complimentary ticket, festival pass or serial card is non-refundable.  

Cancellation of a screening due to e.g. technical difficulties will be refunded primarily with a complimentary ticket.

DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival reserves the right to possible programme changes. Information about changes will be announced on https://docpointfestival.fi/en

Serial cards

Serial cards sold in 2021  are valid for the 2022 DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival. Serial cards currently on sale are valid for the 2022 & 2023  DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival.

You can not enter a screening with a serial card only, instead you need to redeem screening tickets. With a serial card, you can redeem screening tickets from online shop from Jan 20, 2022 onwards, from pre-sale box office from Jan 26-29, 2022 and during the festival from box offices Jan 31 – Feb 6, 2022. Please claim your screening tickets with the serial card before the start of a screening either online or at the festival box offices. 

The serial cards are not valid for sold out, special priced or online screenings. 

Serial cards are not personal and can be shared with other people. You are not required to use the serial cards at once.

Exception: Serial cards/screening tickets bought with culture benefits are personal! In case you have bought your serial card with culture benefits, you can buy screening tickets only for yourself and the serial card cannot be shared with other people. You must be prepared to prove your identity when buying a serial card with culture benefits and when tickets are checked. Under malpractice the screening ticket will be cancelled, the culture benefit confiscated and the incident will be reported to the culture benefits service provider. Consequently, the service provider can confiscate the benefit entirely.