Monica in the South Seas

July 1975. Monica Flaherty, daughter of Robert and Francis Flaherty, cinéma vérité pioneer Ricky Leacock and Sarah Hudson – Ricky’s student at […]

While We Watched

A turbulent newsroom drama intimately chronicling the working days of broadcast journalist Ravish Kumar as he navigates a spiraling world of truth […]


Fifteen years from its inception, YouTube retains the power to shock and disorient — particularly when wielded by children who have lived […]

Dragon Women & Uterus Galaxy

Uterus Galaxy Milja Härkönen, Finland 2022 no dialogue A woman’s uterus is the source of all life. However, none of us remember […]

The Last Chapter

A young filmmaker and an older man on the verge of retiring. It begins as a sexual adventure, mutual desire, games of […]

The Etilaat Roz

How can a journalist prevent a feeling of inaction and despair when a dictatorial regime seizes power and a violent clampdown on […]


Funded by multiple arts organizations, the hybrid documentary Foragers from the Berlin-based Palestinian sculptor and filmmaker Jumana Manna investigates the age-old Palestinian […]

I Didn’t See You There & Blue Room

Blue Room Merete Mueller, USA 2022 Language: English no subtitles Incarcerated participants in a mental health experiment watch videos of sunset-soaked beaches, […]

Don’t Tell Daddy

In the freer climate of the 1990s, some young women from Estonia are enticed into Finland to work as dancers and entertainers. […]