The Kind Stranger & Other People

Other People Anni Sairio, Joonatan Turkki, Finland 2023 Language: Finnish Subtitles: English Six main characters are roaming towards their own destinations in […]

Jope – Just Think for Yourself

An overweight, school-bullied boy grows into a comedian loved by the Finnish audience. Jope Ruonansuu is an imitator who is able to […]

The Pawnshop

Jola and Wiesiek, a couple of extraordinary entrepreneurs, run the biggest pawnshop in the south of Poland. Profitable in the past, today […]

Amor Fati

Amor Fati seeks out parts that complete each other. These are portraits of couples, friends, families and pets and their owners. They […]

Crows Are White

Beginning as a cultural and religious exploration of the Japanese Monks that reside on the top of Mount Hiei near Kyoto, then […]

A Bunch of Amateurs

It’s not an insult: the Bradford Movie Makers proudly call themselves a bunch of amateurs. Since 1932, members have been making virtually […]

Fashion Babylon

The elite world of fashion, with its royal luxury and splendor, has its own international courtiers, courtesans, and conventions. They are in […]