The Herd & A Letter To My Coach

A Letter to My Coach Maria Hiekkamäki, Finland 2023 Language: Finnish, English Subtitles: English A Letter to My Coach is a documentary […]

We, Students!

Nestor, Aaron, Benjamin and Rafiki are economics undergraduates at the University of Bangui. Navigating between the overcrowded classrooms, the petty trades that […]


Military service is compulsory for all Israeli citizens over the age of 18. It is deemed a patriotic duty to defend a […]


Documentary filmmakers Clare Weiskopf and Nicolas Van Hemelryck’s second feature (their debut Amazona premiered at IDFA in 2016), Alis was filmed over […]

Sansón and Me

There’s an interesting desire to use the manner of filmmaking to reenact and process trauma, especially in the documentary space. In 2012, […]

Budding Humans

Budding Humans is about the seemingly small, but extremely important steps children take in kindergarten to become great, empathetic people. Throughout a […]

How to Save a Dead Friend

For anyone currently wondering about the condition of nonconformist youth in Russia, Marusya Syroechkovskaya’s How to Save a Dead Friend makes a […]