Q’s Barbershop

Q’s Barbershop is located in the heart of Vollsmose, the largest social housing project in Denmark, and is a popular hangout spot for the young Somalis of the area. The owner, Qasim, is from Somalia himself, and he makes sure that young people in Vollsmose have got style.

At Q’s Barbershop, you can get an Usher, a Flat Top, a House Party or a Will Smith with low fade. But you can also get advice about the big issues in life such as love, relationships or education, and Qasim is also happy to help you practise for your Danish test while trimming and styling. No matter if you are an immigrant, a criminal, or a straight-A student, you need a cool haircut. And the majority of Q’s customers do in fact leave the barbershop with renewed energy for whatever challenges the rest of the day – or life in general – might bring.

Production notes

  • Elokuvan nimi / Film Title : Q's Barbershop
  • Kieli / Language : Danish, English, Somali
  • Tekstitys / Subtitles : English
  • Ohjaaja / Director : Emil Langballe
  • Tuotantomaa / Production Country : Denmark
  • Vuosi / Year : 2019
  • Pituus (min) / Length (min) : 61
  • Ikäraja / Age limit : S
  • Esitysformaatti / Format : DCP
  • Kuvaaja / Cinematographer : Anders Nydam
  • Leikkaus / Editing : Christian Einshøj
  • Musiikki / Music : Povl Kristian
  • Tuottaja / Producer : Heidi Kim Andersen
  • Tuotantoyhtiö / Production Company : Made in Copenhagen
  • Esitysajat / Screenings :
    Wed 29.1. at 19.00, Kiasma
    Fri 31.1. at 19.00, Maxim 1
    Sat 1.2. at 15.00, Kino Regina