Lady Time

National premiere!

Director Elina Talvensaari, along with her family, move to a new home filled the belongings of an old lady who died lonely. Talvensaari does not have the heart to throw away the old lady’s things, since that would mean that no one would cherish the memory of the previous owner. She would disappear completely.
Instead, Talvensaari begins to make a film about this mysterious Sirkka-Liisa.

With the help of belongings, photographs and investigative work, Talvensaari gets to know this previous habitant even more closely. Sirkka-Liisa becomes an acquintance, like a family member from a different time. In the film, her story comes to life.

One hour encloses the whole life of a single person with its dramatic events, sorrows, and small and large moments of happiness. History is ever present: war, Olympics, the growing wellbeing. Eventually, one can go on a cruise between Finland and Sweden without a care in the world!

With its lingering rhythm, this documentary leaves its viewers cheerful and downright happy: Lady Time is a skilfully constructed and beautiful story about transience. The message of this film seems to be that everyone’s life is meaningful, mysterious and magnificent.

Kati Juurus
Translation: Miia Mäkelä

DocPoint IMPACT participant of the year 2019!
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  • Elokuvan nimi / Film Title : Lady Time
  • Kieli / Language : Finnish
  • Tekstitys / Subtitles : English
  • Ohjaaja / Director : Elina Talvensaari
  • Tuotantomaa / Production Country : Finland
  • Vuosi / Year : 2019
  • Pituus (min) / Length (min) : 60
  • Ikäraja / Age limit : S
  • Esitysformaatti / Format : DCP
  • Kuvaaja / Cinematographer : Joonas J. Pulkkanen
  • Leikkaus / Editing : Okku Nuutilainen
  • Musiikki / Music : Tommi Mäki
  • Tuottaja / Producer : Emilia Haukka, Jussi Rantamäki
  • Tuotantoyhtiö / Production Company : Aamu Film Company
  • Alkuperäinen nimi / Title in Original Language : Neiti Aika
  • Esitysajat / Screenings :
    Mon 27.1. at 18.00, Bio Rex (NB! The Opening ceremony will last approx. 2h.)
    Sat 1.2. at 13.30, Kino Regina, followed by a Q&A with director Elina Talvensaari
    Sun 2.2. at 15.15, Kino Regina, followed by a Q&A with director Elina Talvensaari