World premiere!

“Be whatever you wanna be, honey!”

Kelet is a twentysomething black trans woman, whose greatest dream is to be on the cover of Vogue magazine. For the Finnish-born and Manchester-raised Kelet, such models as Naomi Campbell and Iman served as role models giving her strength – and during the darkest times, kept her alive. After coming out, then 19-year-old Kelet was cut off from her family and she moved back to Finland on her own.

She found her chosen family in Helsinki’s vogue ballroom scene, glimmering in all the colours of the rainbow. Her best friend Lola is her rock – Kelet says they are like stitched together. “Bitch, we got this.”

The film articulates structural discrimination. Kelet says that she has to avoid certain areas of Helsinki for security reasons. Kelet and Lola wonder if the fact that Kelet is both trans and black is too much for the Finnish modelling scene.

The director Susani Mahadura, best known as a journalist (Mahadura & Özberkan), is making history with this documentary: Kelet is the first Finnish film starring a POC trans woman. Tens across the board for this fresh and fabulous voice!

Riikka Pennanen
Translation: Liina Härkönen

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  • Elokuvan nimi / Film Title : Kelet
  • Kieli / Language : English, Finnish
  • Tekstitys / Subtitles : English
  • Ohjaaja / Director : Susani Mahadura
  • Tuotantomaa / Production Country : Finland
  • Vuosi / Year : 2020
  • Pituus (min) / Length (min) : 56
  • Ikäraja / Age limit : S
  • Esitysformaatti / Format : DCP
  • Kuvaaja / Cinematographer : Anton Thompson Coon
  • Leikkaus / Editing : Sandra Itäinen
  • Musiikki / Music : Benjamin Lehti
  • Tuottaja / Producer : Barbara Lybeck
  • Tuotantoyhtiö / Production Company : Baba Lybeck Productions
  • Esitysajat / Screenings :
    Wed 29.1. at 19.00, Bio Rex, followed by a Q&A with director Susani Mahadura
    Fri 31.1. at 17.00, Kinopalatsi 5, followed by a Q&A with director Susani Mahadura
    Sun 2.2. at 15.30, Maxim 1
    Sun 2.2. at 18.30, Kinopalatsi 1
    Sun 2.2. at 19.00, Kino Regina