I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die

“I’m worried, Mom,” says preschool-age Jade, as she nuzzles her mother Betty’s leg in a down-at-heel backyard. When pressed as to the source of her worry, the answer is both plain and quite troubling: “I don’t know.” Inchoate anxiety and a wild, fanciful imagination vie for space in a young girl’s psyche in “I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die”– a deceptively whimsical title for a splintered, hard-bitten documentary study of life below the poverty line for three closely squashed generations of women in the suburbs and strip malls of Colorado Springs.

Shot in grainy, spontaneous fashion, Danish director Eva Marie Rødbro’s arresting first feature deftly toggles between rough everyday realities of financial strain, relationship trouble and drug abuse, and the escape mechanisms instinctive to each of her subjects: it may be My Little Pony fantasies for Jade and weed for her elders, but the benefits are much the same. Boutique Toronto-based sales company Syndicado boarded Rødbro’s film shortly before its world premiere in IDFA; a niche commercial prospect, dependent on festival word of mouth, it should ultimately find a home on specialist streaming platforms.

Even well-intentioned filmmakers can often tip over into condescension or moral hand-wringing when examining the culture of babies having babies having babies in a similarly repeating cycle of breadline desperation. Yet “I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die” pulls off a comparably humane balancing act to Sean Baker’s fiction feature “The Florida Project,” or even Andrea Arnold’s “American Honey,” albeit in far scruffier style: It examines the socioeconomic environment of middle-American poverty with a gaze both critical and impressionistic, without passing judgment on the individuals tangled up in it.

Guy Lodge, Variety

  • Elokuvan nimi / Film Title : I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die
  • Kieli / Language : English
  • Tekstitys / Subtitles : English
  • Ohjaaja / Director : Eva Marie Rødbro
  • Tuotantomaa / Production Country : Denmark
  • Vuosi / Year : 2019
  • Pituus (min) / Length (min) : 76
  • Ikäraja / Age limit : K16
  • Esitysformaatti / Format : DCP
  • Kuvaaja / Cinematographer : Eva Marie Rødbro, Troels Rasmus Jensen
  • Leikkaus / Editing : Mark Bukdahl
  • Tuottaja / Producer : Julie Walenciak
  • Tuotantoyhtiö / Production Company : Paloma Productions
  • Esitysajat / Screenings :
    Mon 27.1. at 19.15, Kinopalatsi 6
    Wed 29.1. at 21.00, Kinopalatsi 5
    Sat 1.2. at 21.00, Kinopalatsi 8