Please read the rules before submitting your film. You will find the link for submission form at the bottom of the page.

Please note that the submission is for Finnish films only. DocPoint’s international program is by invitation only and curated by the Artistic Director


The most significant and interesting Finnish Documentary films of the year will be selected for the Finnish series of the Helsinki Documentary Film Festival. There are no restrictions on the duration of the films to be submitted to the series.

40-Minute and longer films that are selected for the Finnish series, can be selected for the Finnish competition series. The DocPoint-Yle Award for Best Finnish Documentary is presented by a jury consisting of Finnish and international film professionals.


The films in the Finnish New Eyes – New Finnish Visions student series are selected from student films produced by Finnish educational institutions. The films for the series will be selected by a jury appointed by the DocPoint board.


The festival presents only documentaries. The festival focuses on creative and cinematic filmmaking.

Only Finnish premieres will be selected for the Finnish series. The premiere rule does not apply to the student series. Films submitted for the student series must be produced by a Finnish educational institution.

The main country of production of the film (production company) must be Finland. The film may have other co-production countries.

Films in the Finnish series must be completed on or after October 10, 2020. A film previously submitted for the festival cannot be re-submitted.

There are no restrictions on the duration of the movie.

In submission, an online link to the finished film must be provided (a possible rough cut-copy must be agreed upon separately with the Artistic Director).

It is the sender’s responsibility to check that the files sent to the preselection are in working order.

There is no registration fee for the festival. The festival does not pay a screening fee for films selected for the Finnish series.

Screening copies of selected films must be submitted with English subtitles (if the language is Finnish or other than English). If the language of the film is not Finnish, please provide a subtitled version of the film in Finnish if possible.

The films in the Finnish series will be screened at the festival two to four times. Possible online presentations will be agreed upon separately.

The screening format of the selected films is DCP. The sender of the film is responsible for delivering DCPcopy of the film to the festival.

The festival has no obligation to accept late submissions.


DocPoint FINEST Market collects a curated ensemble of new Finnish and Estonian documentaries. It can be viewed only by separately invited international actors in the documentary industry, such as festival programmers, distributors, sales agents and buyers of television channels and VOD platforms.

All domestic films selected for the Finnish series or the student series, as well as Estonian films for DocPoint Tallinn, will automatically enter the market. The festival may also choose Finnish and Estonian films that have not been included in the festival for the Market.

Documents that have / will be premiered outside of DocPoint can also be submitted to DocPoint FINEST Market. Films must be completed on or after October 10, 2020.

Co-produced films with a Finnish or Estonian co-producer are also welcome to register at the Market.

DocPoint FINEST Market includes a works-in-progress section. Films selected for it must be at or near the rough cut stage at the start of the festival (they may be more unfinished at the submission stage). The director and producer of these films will have the chance to include a short introductory video to the project, to be viewed during the event. Consultation meetings with industry professionals will be held for the films in the works-in-progress section.

Films selected for DocPoint FINEST Market will submit the film file and the necessary additional information to the Market by the deadline.


Submit by filling out the form. You can submit here.

Submissions end on October 24, 2021. The film can only be submitted by a person who has the right to grant DocPoint the right to show the film at the festival and in the Market. The right must include two to four screenings at the venues and showrooms chosen by the festival.

Any additional screenings and online use will be agreed upon separately with the rights holder.


Films selected for the festival and the Market will be notified by 23.11.2021 at the latest.

Screening copies of the films selected for the Finnish series and Market must be submitted to the festival no later than January 3, 2022.


DocPoint’s Finnish competition series consists of submitted films that are 40 minutes and longer. The DocPoint-Yle Award for Best Finnish Documentary is presented by a jury of international and Finnish experts. The prize is 5000 euros.

The DocPoint-Yle Award for Best International Documentary is also prized 5000 euros. 10-12 Films selected for the international competition series will compete for this award.

The Audience Favorite is awarded to the film in the Finnish series that receives the highest number of audience votes.