There are two types of serial cards for sale:
Serial Card, 5 tickets 50 €
Serial Card, 10 tickets 90 €

There is a separate serial card of 5 tickets for 50€ for online screenings, info on which can be found here.

Serial Card for students, job seekers and seniors (cinema screenings), 5 tickets 40 € can only be purchased from in-person box offices against proof of discount; student card, TE-services job seeker certificate or identity card for ages 65 and over.

Serial cards currently on sale are valid for the 2024 festival. You can purchase a serial card for yourself or as a gift from this link or visit the DocPoint ticket sales points during the pre-sales on Jan 27th and 28th, or during the festival 30.1.-4.2.2023.

Serial cards can be used to redeem tickets for all festival screenings, except special screenings, masterclasses, sold-out or online screenings.

Serial cards are not personal. You can redeem multiple tickets for the same screening with one card.

Please use the code on your serial card to claim screening tickets either online through each film’s introduction pages from January 11th onwards or from the DocPoint ticket sales points during the pre-sales on Jan 27th and 28th, or during the festival. You are not required to use the serial card at once – you may use the same code multiple times throughout the festival until all the tickets in the card are used. Purchased serial cards will be not refunded.

How do I redeem tickets with my serial card online?

When redeeming a serial card, you will receive a serial card code that is a combination of numbers and letters (e.g., 110509HK3MX). Series cards can be used to redeem tickets on DocPoint’s website at Once you have found the film for which you would like to redeem tickets, go to the film’s page and click the shopping cart icon. The ticket shop page will open in a new window.

On the ticket shop page, you will be asked, “Do you have a screening card / complimentary ticket? Click here to enter the ticket code” Enter the serial card code in the designated field and click “Apply code” which will display a green-approved message. Once the serial card is linked, tickets with a price of 0€ will appear in your shopping cart. By selecting these tickets, you will avoid payment requests.

If you are redeeming tickets for only one film, you can complete the purchase, and the tickets will be sent to your email in link format. If you also want to redeem tickets for other films at the same time, click “Add other products to the cart” which will redirect you back to the film pages, allowing you to repeat the previous steps.