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National Competition
Aho & Soldan: John Webster Retrospective
First Steps
Gaze at Gender
Loving Humans
Seize the Power
Feel the Beat
Ruthless World
Family Matters
Human Nature
Book Launch: Mahdollisia mahdottomuuksia – esseitä Maija Blåfieldin elokuvista
Cine Concert for Ukraine: In Spring
Cine Concert: Burial X Timo Kaukolampi
CineLive: Asa, Yungmiqu, Gada, DJ Polarsoul X Rap and Reindeer
CineLive: Queer Night with Fado Bicha
DocFokus: Do We Need Stories?
DocFokus: Journalists as the Keepers of Democracy
DocFokus: The Power of the Documentarian
DocPoint Club: Jesse Markin
Industry: DAMI – Developing Artist's Moving Image Network
Industry: Director's Gaze and Signature Seminar
Industry: Happy Hour with DocPoint IMPACT
Industry: Happy Hour with Storytel
Industry: Nordic Rough Cuts with Nordisk Panorama
Industry: SMALL STEPS – Nah, not interested! Or am I? Children as an audience of documentary films
Industry: The City of Helsinki Reception
Masterclass: Aho & Soldan Winner John Webster
Prince Dance Along: Sign o' the Times