Happy New Year Wishes from DocPoint – The Restrictions Are Monitored Closely

DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival wishes Happy New Year to all. We are closely monitoring the current pandemic-related situation and event restrictions within regards to next year’s festival.


The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland has ordered new restrictions on audience events on Thursday, Dec 23. The Agency set a ban on audience events for a period of three weeks from Dec 28 to Jan 17.

The arrangements for next year’s DocPoint festival are nearly complete. The festival will take place in Helsinki on Jan 31 – Feb 6, 2022. Along with cinema screenings, the festival offers a wide array of events, including conversations, documentary theatre, and special screenings. The first pre-festival events will be organised on Saturday, Jan 29.

The first DocPoint 2022 events are to take place soon after the restrictions, set by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland on Dec 23, end. There has not been a single chain of infection traced to Finnish cinemas throughout the pandemic. The COVID-19 passport, in use since autumn 2021, makes it possible to arrange even safer audience events in cinemas.

We monitor closely the orders and the recommendations of the Regional State Administrative Agency, and we hope that it will be possible for us to organise a safe audience festival next year.

Happy New Year wishes to all friends, audience members and partners of DocPoint!


DocPoint 2022 takes place in Helsinki from 31 January to 6 February. The programme will be announced on 20 January. The ticket sales for individual screenings will commence at the same time. A selection films will be available online. The ticket sales for serial cards is on at DocPoint’s website.


Image: Inari Ylinen