In 2021, DocPoint launched two annual Competitions. The best Finnish and international documentaries will be awarded with DocPoint Yle Awards in the National and International Competitions. Each award is worth 5000€. The awards are funded by Yle.

Read more about the films participating in the National Competition and International Competition in 2022!

The winner of the DocPoint Yle Award (5000€) of the National Competition is chosen by:



Elise Jalladeau

French Elise Jalladeau began her career as a film producer in 1992. In 2005, she founded the production company Charivari Films. Since 2016, she has worked as the General Director of Thessaloniki Film Festival. As General Director, she is responsible for Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, and Thessaloniki Cinema Museum. 





Kim Young-woo

Kim Young-woo has worked as a programmer at several international film festivals, including Busan International Film Festival and Korea’s DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, as well as a programme advisor at festivals including IDFA and Locarno Film Festival.






Susani Mahadura

Susani Mahadura is a Finnish director, screenwriter and journalist. She is known for her work in Yle’s radio and television programmes. Mahadura’s first documentary Kelet had its world premiere at DocPoint in 2020.





The winner of the DocPoint Yle Award (5000€) of the International Competition is chosen by:

Judy Kibinge

Kenyan filmmaker Judy Kibinge has directed both documentaries and fictional films. Her films have tackled subjects like social taboos and violence in developing countries. Kibinge is one of the founders of the Kenyan film fund DOCUBOX. The foundation supports African documentary film projects and offers training to filmmakers.






Muhammad Refaat 

Egyptian Muhammad Refaat is a producer and commisioning editor at Al Jazeera Documentary. He is also a producer and screenwriter. Refaat produced the acclaimed, award-winning documentary Acasa, My Home, which participated in DocPoint’s International Competition in 2021.






John Webster

Born in Helsinki, John Webster is a Finnish documentary filmmaker. His most well-known films include Pölynimurikauppiaat (1993), as well as the Jussi-winning Sen edestään löytää (2005), and Katastrofin aineksia (2008). Webster’s film Donner – Private was the winner of DocPoint’s National Competition last year.