DocPicks for Wednesday: Human rights

Today DocPoint delves into human rights issues. Anna Hildur’s juicy documentary A SONG CALLED HATE closely follows the anticapitalist BDSM performance art group Hatari representing Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel. Hildur’s documentary makes sharp points about protesting through art and artists’ responsibility to take a stand.

A Syrian family is separated from each other in the heartfelt documentary REUNITED. The reuniting of a family of doctors is not easy in the midst of what appears to be totally absurd jungle of byrocracy. The Israeli director Ada Ushpiz focuses on the delicate subject of the Palestinian children in her film CHILDREN. How are the children coping with Israeli police threatening them while a different kind of pressure is on from their own parents?

Gianfranco Rosi‘s newest mosaic NOTTURNO, is a masterpiece all around signs of violence and destruction: in the foreground is the humanity that reawakens every day from a nocturne that seems infinite.

As part of the National Competition series, Mia Halme’s PEOPLE WE COME ACROSS chronicles a group of Finns who travel to Benin to take part in a diarrhea vaccine research. The film studies social relations and the problematics of helping others: even sincere desire to help can cause trouble when the consequences are not carefully considered.

Welcome to the DocPoint Club to discuss and listen with filmmakers and special guests! On today’s lunch meetup, director Mia Halme and sociology professor Elina Oinas discuss themes of the movie PEOPLE WE COME ACROSS: “What is the best way to help and what are the implications of a large Western research project for a small West African village?”. We wish you warmly welcome to the lunch meetup, starting at 1 pm. on our Facebook live!

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