DocPicks for Thursday: How we look at Africa

How to look at Africa? DocPoint’s theme for Thursday offers interesting perspectives on the huge and rapidly changing continent: music, communities, indigenous peoples and political realities.

RUMBA RULES, NEW GENEALOGIES provides Kinshasa’s coolest parties, as the Brigade Sarbati Orchestra trains, dances, fights, fiddles, and plays so hard, you feel hot just watching it! Kenya’s Oscar entry THE LETTER details modern-day witch hunts, which are layered with superstitious folklore and traumas of a violent colonial past. SOFTIE is a Sundance-awarded peek into the everyday life of Nairobi’s middle-class, and Kenya’s political violence, MAKONGO follows Central African Aka Pygmies, and STOP FILMING US refreshes the representations of African life.

Representations of Africa is also the topic of the evening’s webinar: HOW WE LOOK AT AFRICA starting at 18.00. Included in the discussion are documentary film director Sam Soko from Kenya, Think Africa’s representative and human rights lawyer Sofia Achame, former director of the Nordic Africa Institute Iina Soiri, and Ismo Ulvila, Head of Communication at the EU Commission’s Helsinki Office. The discussion will have an introduction to the topic by European Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen (in Finnish). The webinar is organised in collaboration with the EU Commission, and it will be moderated by Kati Juurus, DocPoint’s artistic director. The language of the discussion will be in English. The webinar is free and open to all.

At the virtual DocPoint club you’ll have a chance to meet and greet the makers of the NEW VISIONS – FINNISH STUDENT FILMS and NEW VISIONS – FINNISH FILM STUDENTS ABROAD films at 16–20. Joining the club are directors Karoliina Gröndahl (Juror no.5), Saara Hakkarainen & Pauliina Maus (Silence) and Rabbe Sandström (Teamwork).