DocPoint strives to create safer spaces and events where everyone is welcome as themselves. Using the following guidelines, we encourage our visitors, stakeholders and partners to pay attention to non-discrimination and respect for others.

  • Do not make any assumptions about anyone’s gender, sexual orientation or relationship status. Do not assume anyone’s nationality, culture, language, religion, values, health or ability.
  • Give space and demand it also for yourself when necessary. Do not disturb anyone verbally nor by touching or staring. Do not touch others without permission.
  • Interfere with problematic language. Do not use derogatory, othering, sexist, racist or ableist expressions or discriminatory stereotypes.
  • If you are flagged for problematic language or behaviour, apologise and pay attention to it in the future. Don’t downplay your own behaviour, even if you meant no harm.
  • Strive to recognise your own privileges and position, and act aware of them. Pay attention to your own patterns of action, your use of language and the way you take space.
  • We try to pay attention to the accessibility of our events. We are aware that not all of our cinemas are fully accessible.
  • Remember that each of us violates the guidelines for a safer space sometimes. Let’s learn from our mistakes and strive to improve our behaviour in the future.

If you encounter problems or behaviour that violates these guidelines, please intervene. You can give us feedback regarding situations like this in our events through this form. You can leave feedback anonymously or provide your contact information if you would like us to contact you regarding your feedback. If necessary, you can contact our harassment contact person Claire Delhom (