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On Silver Heels

This film is part of the DocPoint FINEST Market and viewable for accredited film professionals only.

Estonia hadn’t had a national women’s ice hockey team for 12 years until a group of action-ready women decided to make a change. Culturally, geographically and generationally versatile group unites for the sports, and with the lead of the Latvian former hockey player Inguna, they built a national women’s ice hockey team in an attempt to win the world championships lowest division 2022 in Serbia. The team members experience financial and political struggles while trying to keep their dream alive. People around them do not yet believe that women’s ice hockey could seriously be a sport with widespread support.

Besides the team not having any financial support, their bold moves bring results: women’s hockey scores are reported in the local sports news for the first time ever, new girls are joining the hockey clubs to a point that there are no more free ice times left, and the team wins the world championship with unexpected scores, heading home with the gold medals hanging on their necks.

A Title in Original Language: On Silver Heels
Language: Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English, Latvian
Length (min): 90
Year: Q3 2023
Production Country: Estonia, Latvia

Director: Margus Õunapuu & Anastassia Zazhitskaya
Producer: Karoliina Lahti
Production Company: Vita Pictura, Film Tower & Riverbed