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This film is part of the DocPoint FINEST Market and viewable for accredited film professionals only.

Keity Meier, one of the few female stars of Estonian motor sports, has been dreaming of going to the World Championships for years.
In order to raise the necessary funds, Keity and her girlfriend Kristel organise a complicated and life-threatening motorcycle stunt in
order to set a world record and to bring more attention to Keity. Keity has to physically practice with her motorbike for days on a ramp built in the garden of her friends to make sure that the trick is a success and oversee personally the details of construction, safety and
the organising of it. Doing the stunt also requires mental work from Keity. The two women do everything they can to make sure that
Keity can train and compete. Faith, true love and outdoing themselves is what guides them.

A Title in Original Language: Ninja

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Language: Estonian
Length (min): 28
Year: Q1 2023
Production Country: Estonia

Director: Maria Reinup
Producer: Aili Maarja & Kadi Freja Felt
Production Company: Get Shot Films
Levitys Company: Get Shot Films