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Like Father Like Son

This film is part of the DocPoint FINEST Market and viewable for accredited film professionals only.

Like Father Like Son opens a potrait like door to a relationship of a father and a son, where a small home is the epicenter of everything. The home is a place where a moped is being repaired as well as your teeth are being brushed. The protagonists relationship shifts between seeking for closeness, understanding and acceptance, while the 15 year old son steps closer to adolescence and adulthood. In the film the need for a close one varies, but even in small and ordinary portions it puts our protagonists in a dramatic situations.

The film continues to follow the lives of Tero Pihkakoski and Henry, his son. Previously they were seen together on Jukka Kärkkäinen’s documentary film “The Living Room of a Nation” – where their common journey was born. Now, 15 years have passed and many things have changed drastically. Henry’s parents have divorced and Tero has become a sole provider of Henry. To support his single parenthood, Tero has got them a dog. It has been named as a Juri by a Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

We will follow Henry’s life towards adulthood, until he is 18. Uncertainty in near future occupies Tero’s and Henry’s thoughts. They are worried that Henry needs to leave from home to finish his compulsory education. This would be an awkward moment for him. In the next few years father Tero’s move to a new house will loom – naturally, after an exorcist has repelled the demons away. The intention is that Henry will take over the old house when he becomes of age.

Tero is keen on teaching Henry activities related to stereotypical masculinity such as shooting with a shotgun and repairing cars. Due to a small amount of friends at the rural area, the father and son occasionally get pantsdrunk together. One of the main themes of the film is grandfather Heikki’s health. After two Covid-19 vaccinations his condition has deteriorated and he has seemingly his grip on life and is constantly preparing for his death.

Besides fall colours, Autumn has brought another big change. Henry and a girl, Adele, from their local moped crew have started to date and father has been forced to spent weekends at the haunted house. Lovebirds would prefer this being the case on the weekdays too. Tero has started to be lonely as the dog has stayed with Henry and Adele. As a practical man, Tero has started planning a dog enclosure for Juri. Liver casserole is so much better when shared.

At the end of the film Tero Takes Henry to celebrate his 18th birthday to Rome. Plenty of excitement lies ahead as neither of the men have ever flown let alone been abroad. The film ends with the realisation of how wonderful it is to return to home to Temmes – home sweet home.

“Like Father Like Son” presents the protagonists as part of their environment. The village of Temmes, Tero’s cottage, Juri Gagarin’s (their dog) dog kennel and highway number 4 are essential places to the story and reflect the characters in the film. The film’s look at the people is straightforward, equal and undisguised. It tells about the core of humanity and different stages of life – images of love and caring.

A Title in Original Language: Kappale kauneinta Suomea
Language: Finnish
Length (min): 80
Year: Q2 2025
Production Country: Finland

Director: Jukka Kärkkäinen
Producer: Juha Löppönen & Sami Jahnukainen
Production Company: Mouka