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Like Father Like Son

This film is part of the DocPoint FINEST Market and viewable for accredited film professionals only.

Like Father Like Son opens a potrait like door to a relationship of a father and a son, where a small home is the epicenter of everything. The home is a place where a moped is being repaired as well as your teeth are being brushed. The protagonists relationship shifts between seeking for closeness, understanding and acceptance, while the 15 year old son steps closer to adolescence and adulthood. In the film the need for a close one varies, but even in small and ordinary portions it puts our protagonists in a dramatic situations.

The film continues to follow the lives of Tero Pihkakoski and Henry, his son. Previously they were seen together on Jukka Kärkkäinen’s documentary film “The Living Room of a Nation” – where their common journey was born. Now, 15 years have passed and many things have changed drastically.

A Title in Original Language: Kappale kauneinta Suomea
Language: Finnish
Length (min): 80
Year: Q2 2025
Production Country: Finland

Director: Jukka Kärkkäinen
Producer: Juha Löppönen & Sami Jahnukainen
Production Company: Mouka