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Family Stories Untold

This film is part of the DocPoint FINEST Market and viewable for accredited film professionals only.

Family Stories Untold is an animated documentary, in which seven different women’s stories about family are woven into one life-long piece. It begins with Iida, 9, who after her parents’ nasty divorce helps Mummy find a new man on Tinder, and ends with Lisbeth, who has been forced into a retirement home by her children. It’s a story about a life in which we don’t have the courage to voice our opinions, desires and expectations.

A Title in Original Language: Vaietut perhetarinat
Language: Finnish, Swedish
Length (min): 69
Year: 2023
Production Country: Finland

Director: Catarina Diehl
Producer: Tommi Seitajoki
Production Company: Impressio Films