The Festival Rerun Schedule Is Here!

Sunday offers an abundance of documentary film delights, as we’ve added screenings of some of the festival’s most popular films to the closing day of the festival. A PLAN FOR PARADISE is a film by Kati Juurus, in which a Finnish architect is tasked with designing a city of 600,000 inhabitants in Nepal. TOTAL TRUST is a chilling look at contemporary China, where total control is packaged as technological development. HOLLYWOODGATE offers a unique glimpse into the US base in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power. BAD LIKE BROOKLYN DANCEHALL takes you on a journey from Kingston to Brooklyn and the early days of dance hall. In addition to catchy rhythms, Sunday offers eye-popping landscapes and meditative moods in SONGS OF EARTH, a film that takes you to the stunning mountain landscapes of Norway, accompanied by the London Contemporary Orchestra.


A Plan for Paradise, Kinopalatsi 7 17:00

Total Trust, Kinopalatsi 7 19:00

Hollywoodgate, Kinopalatsi 5 19:15

Bad Like Brooklyn Dancehall, Kinopalatsi 9 20:00

Songs of Earth, Kinopalatsi 5 21:15