Sofie Husum Johannesen

Sofie Husum Johannesen is a filmmaker and anthropologist from Denmark. She has worked in the production company Elk Film since 2017 and been part of several different film productions. Johannesen has studied visual anthropology in Aarhus University and she uses many research methods of the discipline in her filmmaking since they serve as tools for getting to know the main characters and building a confidential relationship. An anthropological perspective is also useful when Johannesen reflects on the ethical guidelines and responsibilities of the filmmaking process.

Johannesen is the co-director of Juan Palacios’ film As the Tide Comes in which will be competing in the International Competition of DocPoint. The film is her debut film and it tells the story of a ruggedly beautifuland sparsely inhabited Danish island which is threatened by climate change and the rising sea levels. The director duo spent numerous hours getting to know the islanders before filming. The persistent work put on building the relationship is conveyed in the film by the genuine presence of the protagonists in front of the camera.

Johannesen is present in the screening of her film As the Tide Comes in on Fri, Feb 2.