Matthew Lancit

Matthew Lancit is an award-winning director and screenwriter who has worked in various genres from documentaries to fiction and experimental films. In addition to films, Lancit has published several personal essays. He has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and also studied film production in New York University. Born in Canada, Lancit’s first documentary feature Funeral Season (2010) is an ethnographic film set in Cameroon, which has been screened at over 50 different film festivals and in several universities and museums around the world.

Lancit’s films are often personal, entwining his private life with philosophical contemplation around a specific subject. His latest documentary Play Dead!, a part of DocPoint’s International Competition, continues in similar vein. The diaristic documentary takes on death and the director’s diabetes through roleplay imagery reminiscent of body horror films.

Matthew Lancit is present in the screening of Play Dead! on Friday, Feb 2.