Eylem Kaftan

Eylem Kaftan is an award-winning filmmaker who has made numerous short and feature documentaries considering many social political issues such as migration and human rights especially from the female point of view. Kaftan is of Turkish-Canadian background and has studied Philosophy in Turkey and Film in University of York. During her career she has directed for Al Jazeera and Turkish newspaper Vatan. One of her best-known films is her second feature documentary Vendetta Song (2005) which unravels the story of her honour-killed aunt and has been awarded and screened on several film festivals. Kaftan has focused mostly on documentaries but in 2020 she directed her first feature fiction film Keeping the Bees.

Included in the DocPoint program is Kaftan’s most recent documentary film A Day, 365 Hours which is a piercing depiction of the traces of sexual abuse. In the partly reenacted documentary, two girls sexually abused by their fathers take them to court and defy the norms of Turkish society.

Eylem Kaftan is present in the screening of her film A Day, 365 Hours on Thu, Feb 1.