Brigitte Weich

Brigitte Weich is a director and lawyer from Austria. In addition to a degree in law, she has completed a post-graduate course in gender studies. Weich has had a long career working in non-profit film productions and particularly creative art house films, but for a long time she thought that she would never become a director.

Travelling to North Korea’s Pyongyang at the start of the 21st century, she got to know local women’s football culture and started working on her first feature Hana, dul, sed (2009). Awarded in her native country, the documentary follows the North Korean women’s football team through several years. The sequel to the film, Ned, Tassot, Yossot, where she returns to the country to meet four of the players years later, is a part of DocPoint’s programme.

Brigitte Weich attends the screening of her film Ned, Tassot, Yossot on Fri, Feb 2.