A Silent Story

Anders and Peter have known each other since childhood. One day Anders, who is now thirty, calls Peter, whom he has not […]

A Day, 365 Hours

Sometimes a day feels like 365 hours, young red-haired Reyhan states to her friend Leyla. The feeling is something they have in […]

Pray for Our Sinners

”Navan was a town with wonderful people, where some terrible things happened,” Dr. Mary Randles tells. She is a retired doctor, who […]

Citizen Sleuth

A young woman named Jaleayah Davis died in a car accident in Ohio in the year 2011. Or was it an accident […]

Taxibol + Nyanga

Nyanga dir. Medhin Tewolde Serrano, Mexico 2023 Nyanga’s freedom was stolen from him when he was kidnapped from the coast of Africa […]


Prisons in Chile have a strict no-camera policy. The documentary Malqueridas was filmed in Chilean prisons. Women serving their sentences within the […]

After the Bridge

In 2017, Great Britain saw several Jihadist terror attacks. In June, three men drove their van over pedestrians on the London Bridge, […]

Twice Colonized

Every one of us breathes, eats, and shits for a time. For some, that is enough to fill a lifetime, for a […]

Seven Winters in Tehran

It is July 7, 2007. 19-year-old interior designer Reyhaneh Jabbari is supposed to be meeting a client, but soon realises that she […]

My Father’s Prison

In Venezuela in April 2002, a massacre took place in Puente Llaguno, where 19 people died and 28 were wounded. Police chief […]