Geology of Separation

Geology of Separation by Yosr Gasmi and Mauro Mazzocchi is a film about the time of an asylum seeker, endless aimlessness interrupted […]

The Hearing

Asylum hearings are not public proceedings. Aside from the asylum seeker, only the government official making the decision, an interpreter, a clerk, […]

The Invention of the Other

A boat glides slowly towards the thickest jungle of the Amazon in Western Brazil, close to the borders of Peru and Colombia. […]

Danger Zone

For westerners tired of their mundane everyday lives, war tourism offers an adrenaline rush in the midst of the world’s worst conflict […]

Passu + Hovering over Us

Hovering over Us dir. Hanna Kaihlanen, Finland 2023 The mosquito is a ubiquitous summer pest, at its worst an insect spreading potentially […]

I Must Away

In this essayistic film, director Dennis Harvey follows the fates of people in the stream of migration and creates a collage-like piece […]

In the Rearview

After Russia attacked Ukraine, Polish director Maciek Hamela bought a car and personally went there to evacuate civilians. He drove to Ukraine, […]