Samuel and the Light

In the cove of the turquoise sea, sheltered by the tropical woods stands fishing village Ponta Negra. Due to its remote location, […]


Parks are the lifeline of busy and crowded metropolitan Tokyo, and the large Yoyogi Park is arguably, along with Ueno Park, the […]

Magic Mountain

The Abastumani sanatorium for tuberculosis patients was built high up in the Georgian mountains in the late 1800s. The building, with its […]


At the start of the documentary, one may wonder if they’ve accidentally come to see Roy Andersson’s newest film. Director Carl Olsson […]

God Is a Woman

In 1975, Award-winning French documentarian Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau arrived with his family to film a documentary about one of Latin America’s largest Indigenous […]

Vista Mare

Sometimes, the simplest and most realistic can be the most philosophical and surreal. The film Vista Mare by documentarists Julia Gutweniger and […]

Notes from Sheepland

In Cara Holmes’ documentary Notes from Sheepland, artist Orla Barry shows how the professions of a contemporary artist and a shepherd can […]

A Plan for Paradise

Urbanisation and migration from the countryside to cities are current phenomena in Nepal, where the capital Kathmandu is constantly expanding. The need […]

Dear Arctic + Haulout

Haulout dir. Maxim Arbugaev, Evgenia Arbugaeva, United Kingdom 2022 This Oscar-nominated short film shows the largest walrus haulout in the world, which […]

The Last Year of Darkness

In his first feature documentary, Don’t Be a Dick about It (2018), Benjamin Mullinkosson followed his cousins’ summer in Maryland, winning the […]