Nasrin’s voice

When Nasrin was 13 years old, she was married off to an adult man. Her Kurdish family had travelled to Europe and […]

Child No. 182 + One of Us

One of Us dir. Niina Vuorisara, Finland 2024 Niina Vuorisara’s experimental documentary short​ One of Us takes a harrowing journey to memories […]


The gaze lingering on abandoned alleys and deserted roads sees what the light reveals. Dusty desks lay on the floors of the […]

The Northern Star

Director Saara Cantell and acting legend Anneli Sauli (1932–2022) got to know each other on the set of the film Heartbeats in […]

My Reality

My Reality follows the post-television lives of three women who participated in reality TV shows. They were expecting experiences and interesting challenges […]


Elementary school student Aida researches rocks, enjoys learning, and is linguistically talented, clever, and determined. Aida also has a different brain than […]

The Gamer

Verneri ”Bona” Junkala was seven years old when he was first talked about as a future star of eSports. He played in […]

Regina – Queen of the Ring

Riina is a young woman who lives for professional wrestling. In the ring, she becomes Regina Rosendahl, who knows no mercy towards […]

Children of War and Peace

The slogans of the Youth Division of the Lotta Svärd Association emphasised the importance of being eager and happy to defend the […]

The Last Seagull

Sunny Beach, 1979. Among the sun-worshipping tourists, strapping Bulgarian men whisper sweet nothings to young women’s ears, “I can talk to you […]