Sorrow Tamers

How can you overcome an emotion so intense that at its worst, it can consume you? Mina Laamo’s Sorrow Tamers is an […]

Shepherds of the Earth

The region of Lake Turkana, located in Kenya and Ethiopia, is considered to be “the Cradle of Humankind”. Among other finds, primate […]

Fragments of Humanity

In the Kosovo War, human dignity was shattered by the terrors of the Serbian government and the Albanian liberation army. Truths about […]

Golden Land

In the early 1990s, Mustafe Hassan was only a child, when the escalating Somali Civil War forced him to flee to Finland. […]

Power of the People

Mervi Enqvist’s Power of the People is a touching film that gives voice to poet Laura Eklund Nhaga, who is searching for […]

It’s Raining Women

”You are unaware of it before you hit it.” The documentary by Mari Soppela focuses on glass ceilings, a metaphor for the […]