Prince of Dreams

When Erik looks at pictures of himself as a child, it’s like seeing a twin sister. A sister who’s disappeared, with Erik […]

Eat Your Catfish

While there are many documentaries devoted to exploring the lives of those with physical and mental ailments, few are able to fully […]

Children of the Mist

High in the mountains of North Vietnam, the Hmong community is isolated from the rest of the world as much by their […]

The Velvet Queen

A svelte, slinky figure in spotted silvery blond, the snow leopard is one of the great haughty glamazons of the animal kingdom […]

The Story of Looking

On the eve of an operation to remove a cataract in his right eye – surgery which naturally isn’t free from risk […]

Dark Red Forest

Dark Red Forest documents the spartan and secluded lives of nuns from the Yarchen Gar Monastery as they brave both the harsh […]


An impressionistic and narration-free film, Ascension presents a kind of survey of how the burgeoning industrial might of modern China intersects with […]

Bangla Surf Girls

For teenagers like Shobe, Suma and Ayesha, there is nothing quite like the thrill of catching a big wave. On their surfboards, […]

Babi Yar. Context

The subject here is the WWII genocide of Ukraine’s Jewish population. Editing film and stills from state and public archives in Russia, […]

Trust Me

Waleed Ahmed has been called many things, from “Norway’s Mark Zuckerberg” to “Justin Bieber fraudster” and “his own worst enemy.” He has […]