Destiny & Close to You

Close to You (Perto de Você) Cássio Kelm, Brazil 2021 Language: Portuguese Subtitles: English At the start of the corona pandemic, the […]

Before They Meet & Scenic View

Scenic View Maija Blåfield, Finland 2023 Language: Finnish, English Subtitles: English What is ”authentic” nature, and what is an ”authentic” nature documentary? […]

The Herd & A Letter To My Coach

A Letter to My Coach Maria Hiekkamäki, Finland 2023 Language: Finnish, English Subtitles: English A Letter to My Coach is a documentary […]

In the Billowing Night & Practice

Practice Saarlotta Virri, Finland 2022 Language: Finnish Subtitles: English Practice is a short documentary about kids and parents on their way to […]

Puerperium & Autumn

Autumn (Paeizan) Sajad Imani, Iran 2022 Language: Farsi Subtitles: English A kind 80-year-old grandma named Mehri lives alone in a little town […]

Dragon Women & Uterus Galaxy

Uterus Galaxy Milja Härkönen, Finland 2022 no dialogue A woman’s uterus is the source of all life. However, none of us remember […]

All That Breathes

Shaunak Sen’s highly acclaimed All That Breathes follows a pair of brothers who have dedicated their lives to helping wounded birds, particularly […]

The Etilaat Roz

How can a journalist prevent a feeling of inaction and despair when a dictatorial regime seizes power and a violent clampdown on […]