Ó Bhéal

Gaelic rap may be an unfamiliar subgenre even for the most fervent fans of hip hop. This can be corrected by watching […]

Mutiny in Heaven: The Birthday Party

For some reason, an exceptionally high number of great, stunning documentaries have been made of Nick Cave’s career. This category also includes […]


Pianists do not participate in Warsaw’s International Chopin Piano Competition only for the prize money but rather to establish themselves as future […]

Bad Like Brooklyn Dancehall

When young Jamaican immigrants came of age in Brooklyn in the 80’s and the 90’s, they developed a dancehall culture like no […]


84-year-old Vika is the DJ queen of Warsaw’s nightclubs. When she is spinning discs, young people cheer on this grandmother of dreams. […]


Fatma and her daughters Najeh and Waffeh live in a small Tunisian village. The women work as machtats, traditional musicians who perform […]

La Singla

A young woman learns from her teacher of a forgotten flamenco master and is fascinated by the archive material she finds. That’s […]