Praying for Armageddon

The separation of church and state has long been taken for granted in Western democracies, but in the United States the tide […]

My Worst Enemy

Director Mehran Tamadon has been barred from returning to Iran because of his earlier documentaries delving into the thought processes of defenders […]

Total Trust

“This facial recognition software will detect stress on an employee’s face and report it forward. This enables their supervisor to act proactively […]

Iron Butterflies

Ukrainian Roman Liubyi’s great documentary Iron Butterflies depicts a moment in July 2014, when the world should have woken up. On that […]


Motherland is a film about Belarus, a society permeated by violent militarism, where ordinary people seek justice by protesting in their own […]

Blix Not Bombs

The causes and very far-reaching repercussions of the Iraq War ignited in 2003 have been discussed in several excellent documentaries (such as […]

A Storm Foretold

One of the most memorable characters of Donald Trump’s time in office was political aide and key player Roger Stone. In the […]


In 1990, ten years after the passing of Josip Broz Tito, Serbia had its first multi-party election. At the time, US Intelligence […]

Ned, Tassot, Yossot

In 2007, a little miracle happened, as the North Korean women’s football team made it to the quarterfinals of the World Cup. […]

Beyond Utopia

At the beginning of Beyond Utopia, we meet Pastor Kim. We very quickly learn that this modest-looking man is in fact a […]