Astrakan 79

Portuguese Martim’s parents were members of the Communist Party, and their son’s worldview was built on that foundation. When Martim was 15 […]

The Mother of All Lies

When Asmae El Moudir was a child, her family did not allow photographs in the household for reasons that never became clear […]

And, Towards Happy Alleys

One of the great mysteries in the world of movies is how Iran produces so many beautiful films despite the country’s strict […]


They tread on the streets of Moscow as strangers, attempting to walk in the wrong direction on the escalator, and crawl on […]


The United States ended its occupation of Afghanistan in the spring of 2021. While leaving, they left behind an estimated seven billions […]

Iron Butterflies

Ukrainian Roman Liubyi’s great documentary Iron Butterflies depicts a moment in July 2014, when the world should have woken up. On that […]

Blix Not Bombs

The causes and very far-reaching repercussions of the Iraq War ignited in 2003 have been discussed in several excellent documentaries (such as […]

A Storm Foretold

One of the most memorable characters of Donald Trump’s time in office was political aide and key player Roger Stone. In the […]

Ned, Tassot, Yossot

In 2007, a little miracle happened, as the North Korean women’s football team made it to the quarterfinals of the World Cup. […]