Student Selection: New Visions

Goodbye Tornio dir. Emilia Hernesniemi Vilma is spending her final day up north, in her hometown of Tornio, celebrating her high school […]

Hockey Dreams

As the host country for the 2018 Winter Olympics, South Korea’s national ice hockey team was automatically given a spot in the […]

New Finnish Shorts

Sketch for the Last Map dir. Lauri Astala In the digital age, with the help of map applications, wandering the streets of […]

Power of the People

Mervi Enqvist’s Power of the People is a touching film that gives voice to poet Laura Eklund Nhaga, who is searching for […]

Faya Dayi

Ethiopian-Mexican Jessica Beshir’s serene black and white film is a mesmerising work of audiovisual art. Beautiful and dreamlike images are filled with […]


In February of 2014, protests against the corrupt government broke out in East Ukraine. A revolution began, in which neighboring Russia intervened […]

Prince of Dreams

When Erik looks at pictures of himself as a child, it’s like seeing a twin sister. A sister who’s disappeared, with Erik […]

One Take Grace

“I always joke that my life is like a movie,” says Mothiba Grace Bapela. In this film, the lead role is not […]

The Mushroom Speaks

One of the saviors of the long and dark autumns of the Northern Hemisphere is the abundance of mushrooms in both the […]

All About My Sisters

Despite its epic close to three-hour runtime, Wang Qiong’s All About My Sisters tells a very intimate story. It focuses on the […]