CineLive: Queer Night with Fado Bicha

Come celebrate in all the colours of the rainbow to Tiivistämö’s very own queer party! The evening features performances from the Portuguese […]

DocPoint Club: Jesse Markin

DocPoint is proud to present Jesse Markin, a Liberian-born singer-songwriter from Finland. Jesse drifts seamlessly somewhere between electro, hiphop, indie – and […]

Cine Concert: Burial X Timo Kaukolampi

Come hear synthetic sounds, as Timo Kaukolampi’s cosmic soundscapes come together with Emilija Škarnulytė’s hypnotic documentary Burial. The show opens with Škarnulytė’s […]

Cine Concert for Ukraine: In Spring

In Spring (Навесні) Mikhail Kaufman, Ukraine 1929 The Ukrainian director Mikhail Kaufman is considered a master of classical documentary film. He is […]

DocFokus: Do We Need Stories?

The DocFokus discussion, held in Finnish, delves into the question, whether we actually need stories. Is there an option beyond storytelling? The […]