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Ultraviolette and the Blood-Spitters Gang

Filmmaker Robin Hunzinger uncovered a box of hidden correspondence between his late grandmother Emma and seeming stranger Marcelle. The findings tell their story as schoolgirl sweethearts in the 1920s before parting ways as Marcelle succumbs to tuberculosis. From the confines of treatment, Marcelle paints a vivid picture of rebellion, dubbing her confidantes as the “Blood-Spitters Gang”.

Within Ultraviolette’s opening seconds, its visual artistry is laid out in full force. Archived footage used throughout holds a haunting beauty, with the narrative subtext highlighting the luxury of the moving image. Heartwarming memories of childhood frivolity resonate with all with a French film noir tone to its structure. The painting to ominous music effectively achieves the foreboding of what’s to come. 

Jasmine Valentine, Cinerama Film

Every once in a while, a film will come along and just leave you speechless; Ultraviolette and the Blood-Spitters Gang is that film. Showcasing both the beauty and pain of your first love, this is a remarkable piece of cinema. – –

At the sanatorium, rebellious Marcelle, nicknamed ‘Ultraviolette’, led a group of three young women who were also sick. The film, told through Marcelle’s eloquent letters, combines archive footage, avant-garde films, and music to create a sensuous, poetic atmosphere of absolute love, a daring young woman ahead of her time and a group of kindred spirits which break the barrier of time.

Scott Gilliland, Upcoming on Screen

Original Title: Ultraviolette et le gang des cracheuses de sang
Language: French
Subtitles: English
Length: 74 min
Age Limit: S
Year: 2021
Production Country: France

Director: Robin Hunzinger
Producer: Milana Christitch
Production Company: Ana Films
Distribution Company: Lightdox
Screenplay: Claudie Hunzinger, Robin Hunzinger
Editing: Benoit Quinon
Cinematographer: Gauthier Gumpper
Music: Siegfried Canto
Sound Design: Marc Namblard