Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Shortly: Wonderful Awful Life

I Smell a Mouse
dir. Iiti Yli-Harja, Finland 2024
Featuring even horror elements, the short stop-motion animated documentary centers on Iiti, who recently broke up. She is feeling fragile and insecure, and making even the smallest choices feels impossible. The new home is in moving chaos, and on top of everything, big ugly mice are popping out everywhere. A sound recording from her own childhood with its horrifying stories becomes a saving grace, and a surprisingly strong connection is found with her new boyfriend.

Mervi Herranen (translated by Inari Ylinen)

The Hatmaker
dir. Mari Koppanen, Katri Koppanen, Kari Ahotupa, Finland 2023
Imre has dedicated his entire life to practising the amadou craft. Tinder mushrooms growing on the trunks of trees can be stretched into leather-like material, which can be used to manufacture hats, for example. The art of this traditional Romanian handcraft is threatening to disappear, since there are no too many artisans left. Imre wants to secure the future of the craft and has taken an apprentice. The documentary short introduces the rare traditional handcraft and takes us on a trip to the forest with Imre and his apprentice to harvest the tinder mushrooms at dawn.

Sabriina Hietaniemi

Every Tom, Dick and Urpo
dir. Karoliina Gröndahl, Finland 2023
How does it feel to be a complete “urpo” your whole life? This question is answered in the short documentary, in which four Finnish men named Urpo speak about their relationship to the name. Of how you can be bullied because of it, or how someone keeps calling Urpo Mikko. Of how strange it is that the Finnish version of the Latin word for citizen, Urbanus, has turned into an insult. And of how one time, parents gave their son an opportunity to change his name, but after thinking about it, he wanted to remain as Urpo.

Mervi Herranen (translated by Inari Ylinen)

How to Please
dir. Elina Talvensaari, Finland 2023
Director Elina Talvensaari’s works have in common a way of blending societal themes with a unique execution. How to Please depicts Iraqi Wed al-Asadi’s attempts to get a foothold in Finland. The documentary short shows the life of a person with no documents as an unclear game, the rules of which are hard to understand. A step forward often seems to mean taking two steps back. However, there are emotions and hope involved.

Omar Fasolah (translated by Inari Ylinen)

Language: Finnish, English, Hungarian
Subtitles: English, Finnish
Length: 73 min
Age Limit: K7
Year: 2023/2024
Production Country: Finland