Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Seminar: Ethics in director-protagonist relationships

The protagonists in documentaries are real people. Consequently, certain ethical questions are always present in filmmaking, regardless of whether they’re thought about consciously or not.

Seminar: Ethics in Director-Protagonist Relationships  will be held on Tuesday 1st February at 11 – 16.30. The event will be streamed in Facebook Event and recorded for later viewing. 

What is the position between the director and the protagonist? Is it possible to evaluate the effect the film will have on the protagonist’s life and their surroundings? Are there situations where the filmmaker is justified in misleading the people in the film? Does the real world settle into the framework of the story without a problem?

The Finnish Documentary Guild, Women in Film & Television WIFT Finland, DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival and Nordic Culture Point are cooperating to carry out a seminar, which covers these questions through examples of lectures and case studies. The aim is to sharpen the focus on the ways in representation and the relationship between filmmakers and the protagonists.

11.00 Welcome: Kati Juurus, Artistic Director, DocPoint
11.05 Timo Korhonen: Ethically sensitive profession
11.50 Niels Pagh Andersen: The Inevitable Dilemma
12.35 Lunch break
13.30 Iiris Härmä: Exposure sensitive – white man in Africa
14.05 Mina Laamo: Balance between disclosure and protection
14.40 Break
14.55 Elina Talvensaari: Questions about a deceased protagonist
15.30 Sami Kieksi: Trust between the director and the protagonists
16.05 Final debate: Is there a need for Ethical Guidelines
16.30 End of the seminar

Tuesday 1st February at 11.00–16.30 Stream in FB event
Language: Finnish, English
Length: 330 min