Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Praying for Armageddon

The separation of church and state has long been taken for granted in Western democracies, but in the United States the tide seems to be turning. Knowing the geopolitical aspirations of the US, it should not come as a surprise that this same game is also played far from home.

Political journalist Lee Fang walks Washington’s corridors of power, where fundamentalist Christians have taken seats in the Senate and the Congress. Others have gained positions as advisors and are whispering messages of the coming apocalypse in the president’s ear. For these zealots, the Bible is not a book of aphorisms for altruists. It is a guidebook on Basic Information Before Leaving Earth. Jesus will return to Earth and lead true believers into a holy war, but only after Israel wins its own war, preferably in as bloody a way as possible and with weapons made in America.

This all sounds insane, not to mention dangerous, but the United States still holds on to the self-appointed mantle of ”world police”. It is easy to peddle arms and soldiers to an area 10 000 kilometres away when there are no real consequences near your own borders.

The film’s wide cast of characters and vast geographic scope are no hindrance to its clarity of vision and tempo. Archival materials support events seen and arguments heard, and a not-so-touristy visit to Jerusalem gives vital background information on Israel’s stance on Gaza and the war currently raging there.

Johanna Siik (translated by Virpi Sumu)

Language: English, Hebrew and Arabic
Subtitles: English
Length: 97 min
Age Limit: K12
Year: 2023
Production Country: Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland

Director: Tonje Hessen Schei, Michael Rowley
Producer: Christian Aune Falch, Torstein Parelius, Ingrid Aune Falch
Production Company: Upnorth Film
Distribution Company: DR Sales
Editing: Torkel Gjørv, Matti Näränen
Cinematographer: Michael Rowley
Music: Lukas Berkemar, Uno Helmersson
Sound Design: Sølve Huse-Amundsen