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Passu + Hovering over Us

Hovering over Us
dir. Hanna Kaihlanen, Finland 2023
The mosquito is a ubiquitous summer pest, at its worst an insect spreading potentially deadly diseases, but also an integral part of the cycle of life. In Hanna Kaihlanen’s short docufiction, summery childhood memories of nature are reflected on modern technology’s methods of limiting the hazards of the different mosquito species without destroying the ecosystem.

Liina Härkönen

Jussi Lehtomäki and Mete Sasioglu’s film takes a fresh look at the reality of a racialised young activist in Finland. As the documentary starts, its lead character, Pazilaiti Simayijiang aka Passu, is only 18 years old. Still, she is already doing a lot: she is an activist, a podcast host, a high schooler, and the vice president and one of the founders of the Feminist Party.

Passu is also a Uighur. Due to China’s oppression, her family has not been able to visit the country in years, and worry for her grandparents and others is pressing every time news come out of the Uighur situation in the country. “In Uighur matters, I feel like I’m not able to sleep if I don’t participate in this activism, because nobody else is doing it,” Passu describes.

The documentary sees the world of the young person with all its dimensions, even using plenty of video material from Passu’s social media channels. She wants to make and impact, but school also takes time. A nomination in the parliamentary election is in her near future. Her days are spent studying for the law school entrance exam, while in the evenings, she goes all around town. Soon, it begins to feel like she has too much on her plate. What does it mean for a young person to build their identity around politics and activism?

Inari Ylinen

Directors Jussi Lehtimäki and Mete Sasioglu attend the screening of their film on Fri, Feb 2.

Please note! The film Passu appears in DocPoint’s programme leaflet under its old title Ihon alle.

Language: Finnish
Subtitles: English
Length: 72 min
Age Limit: K7
Year: 2024
Production Country: Finland

Director: Jussi Lehtimäki, Mete Sasioglu
Producer: Mete Sasioglu
Production Company: Sons of Lumière
Distribution Company: Raina Films
Editing: Sandra Itäinen
Cinematographer: Hannu Käki
Sound Design: Jyri Pirinen