Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


New Visions: Artistically

30 Kilometres per Second
dir. Jani Peltonen, Finland 2023
An experience of disturbance in the sense of balance conjures a whirlwind of images and sounds, in which archive material imagery is combined with the twirling tale of an anonymous narrator, throughout the Earth and human history. Cosmic connections are built all the way from Medieval kings to youngsters suffering from dance bans on prayer Saturdays and the first walk on the moon in the 1960s.

The beauty and absurdity of human life are drawn out for the audience who let themselves go with the film’s weightless flow.

Jimi Rosling (translated by Inari Ylinen) 

De Gallo Qui Ovavit
dir. Nina Forsman, Finland 2024
Can a rooster lay eggs? Anecdotes of such miracles are known, but what is revealed behind them? What would the rooster say if we were to get a witness statement? Out of archive material, Nina Forsman has entwined an observant and playful documentary film. Tickling common sense, the work ends up asking how humans have looked at and used other species throughout history. How do we recognise what is against nature in our society so alienated from it?

Tytti Rantanen (translated by Inari Ylinen)

The Fleeting Horizon
dir. Joona Mäkelä, Finland 2024
”When I no longer exist, will you see me anyway?” asks the narrator at the beginning of Joona Mäkelä’s experimental short film The Fleeting Horizon. In the lingering black-and-white images, the film explores the effects of humans in the environment in the midst of nature. Forest images are entwined with those of man-made buildings. The grainy film images of the visually impressive documentary are developed by hand, which has created unique layers in the image.
Inari Ylinen

Peace and Silence
dir. Leevi Pienihäkkinen, Finland 2023
Leevi Pienihäkkinen’s tight experimental short documentary Peace and Silence dives into the Helsinki night, exploring the darkened city with fresh eyes. The familiar spots of the city centre flash in the images, but something is different. The everyday becomes weird, details vanish, lights shine taking over everything around them. Humans remain anonymous and faceless, silhouettes against the backdrop of the dark city.
Inari Ylinen

Underground Ants
dir. Leevi Pienihäkkinen, Kristiina Kekomäki, Oskari Koponen, Finland 2024
As per its title, Underground Ants depicts the underground culture of ants, but this is no traditional nature documentary. Images of Finnish nature blend seamlessly with computer animation when the short film, which approaches its subject with a comedic touch, dives into the depths of the anthill. The original and funny film makes both the earth and the ants shake. 

Omar Fasolah (translated by Inari Ylinen)

Language: Finnish, English, German
Subtitles: English
Length: 74 min
Age Limit: S
Year: 2023/2024
Production Country: Finland