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Masterclass: Camilla Nielsson

Please note! The event has moved from Saturday to Sunday 6th Feb at 14-15.

Acclaimed Danish director Camilla Nielsson talks about her latest film, President, in this live Q&A on Sunday 6th February at 14-15. Nielsson’s film is a thrilling cinematic drama about Zimbabwe’s corrupt regime. The film follows the young opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa in a painful election battle all the way to its inevitable end. Even without previous knowledge on the situation in Zimbabwe, the viewers attention is held through the film. The documentary has been shortlisted as an Oscar nominee in the Documentary Feature category.

Nielsson’s previous film also dealt with the political power struggle in Zimbabwe. The films are like lessons in building political drama. How does she manage to portray the inner circle of the African state so closely? And why is Danish Nielsson the right person to talk about Zimbabwean society?

The discussion will be moderated by Helle Hansen from Denmark. She has long experience as a comissioning editor of the Norwegian and Danish film foundations. Hansen is also involved in DocPoint festival’s programme building.

The audience will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion with Camilla Nielsson and ask questions. The event will take place on Zoom.

Zoom link to the event

14.00 Helle Hansen interviews Camilla Nielsson
14.45 Questions from the audience
15.00 Discussion ends

Camilla Nielsson’s film President will have its Finnish premiere at DocPoint.


Saturday 5th February at 14.00–15.00 ZOOM
Language: English
Length: 60 min