Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Industry: SMALL STEPS – Nah, not interested! Or am I? Children as an audience of documentary films

What kinds of documentary films and TV series are available for a young audience? Who makes, funds, and screens them, and where can they be found?

International guests Meike Statema and Mandy Bezema share their experiences and views on the subject. Statema is the Youth Programme Director at IDFA and Mandy Bezema is the editor and researcher of VPRO kids & youth.

Finnish guests include Head of Yle Lapset Markku Mastomäki and representatives of the financers of Finnish Film Foundation and AVEK, producer Paulina Tervo from the digital learning platform Lyfta and Outi Freese, the executive director of School Cinema Association (Koulukino ry).

13.00 Welcome! Outi Rousu, film producer and chair of the board of DocPoint
13.05 Presentation of DOKKINO – Documentary Film Event for Children and Youth
13.15 The policy of commission documentaries for younger audience – Mandy Bezema, editor and researcher of VPRO kids & youth, Netherlands
13.30 Documentary films for younger audience – Meike Statema, Head of Talent of IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
14.30 YLE’s documentary series for youth and some new ideas for series for children – Markku Mastomäki, head of Yle Children
14.50 Previous webdoc series projects (kids@docs and Short Form 1 & 2) – Outi Rousu
15.00 Documentary films at schools, LYFTA digital learning platform – CEO Paulina Tervo
15.20 School Cinema Association on documentary films – Executive director Outi Freese
15.40 Q&A and summary of the day – Meike Statema & Outi Rousu

This event is only available for accredited professionals. Guarantee your spot by signing up early.

Tuesday 31 January 1.00 pm Kinopalatsi 4
Language: English, Finnish
Length: 3 h