Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Industry: Happy Hour with Storytel

What is it like to make an audio documentary, and how do you make one for Storytel? What’s the difference between an audiobook, a podcast and an audio documentary, and are these differences relevant to audiences?

Essi Hellén, the Publishing Manager of Storytel Finland will be present, talking about Storytel and discussing the future of audio documentaries. Mari Suonto, who made the audio documentary Ruuhkavuodet, and Riku Siivonen, the script writer of the audio documentary Myyrmanni – When Worlds Exploded will also share their experiences on working with the genre.

Join us to meet Storytel’s editorial team and talent over a drink at DocPoint Happy Hour.

This event is only available for accredited professionals. You can apply for the Industry accreditation from Jan 9 to Jan 25.

Wednesday 1 February 5.00 pm Buenos Aires Cafe / Bar
Language: Finnish, English
Length: 1 h