Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


Industry: Director’s Gaze and Signature Seminar

The seminar asks what kinds of decisions guide filmmaking, and what are the worldviews that affect those decisions. Speakers include filmmakers Jannik Splidsboel, Pia Andell, Jan Ijäs, and Susanna Helke. The moderators are Marjaana Mykkänen and Maija Hirvonen.

The event is in Finnish, except for Jannik Splidsboel’s keynote speech, which is in English. It is organised in collaboration between Dokumenttikilta, WIFT Finland, DocPoint, and Nordic Culture Point.

This event is only available for accredited professionals and the members of WIFT Finland and Dokumenttikilta.

Wednesday 1 February 11.00 am Nordic Culture Point
Language: Finnish, English
Length: 4 h 15 min